I rarely trust the press - but sometimes I just might...

The opening night off - Richard III, was off to a great start.

A beautiful summernight at the castle, set the scene and people seemed to enjoy our performance.

I welcome you to have a little look into my life as an actor - soon.

Armed with a pocket camera I will share a personal peak behind the scenes in the making of RICHARD III.

Time and time again I sit after I end a project and reflect about the process. How it has been, the frustrations, the rewards – and often I end up wishing that I could remember more of what happened. 

When I first signed up to play RICHARD III, I knew that this would be quite a challenge, so I decided to document my journey from the first day to the very end. 

I want this to be as hornets as possible, diary-like documentary without thinking too much about technical cinematic stuff. A rough out of the box – reallife behind the scenes look, into what I go through as and actor on a journey like this…

So armed with my two little friends I try to record the essentials of this process. I will stop recording the very moment I enter the stage on the opening night.

More soon




So we moved in to the Jervood studios in London, to start rehearsals of Richard 3.

Already two weeks in, things are starting to take shape. It is always an honour to be surrounded by such talented actors. The English cast have all done a lot of Shakespeare so of cause that is very inspiring and helpful.

Furthermore I’m finally in a play with my childhood friend Mads Knarreborg, who offers great comfort and creative fun in the room.

Anyhow – this is by far the most challenging part I have ever put on. I’m struggling with the word (and there is a lot)…

But I guess we will get there eventually – I hope. So right now there is nothing else to do than to push forward.

My horse my horse – my kingdom for a horse!




For the last 8 weeks I have been fortunate to work in the beautiful capitol of Hungary – Budapest.

Together with great colleagues, and hard work, we now have 10 episodes in the can for you to enjoy later this year or start 2020.

Viaplay and Swedish production company BRAIN ACADEMY are the minds behind the new series witch is a dramady about danish diplomacy in Mexico. Thats all I can say for now.

I will keep you updated when a press-release is out.

Stay tuned,



It’s with humble pride that I can announce that I, for the first time in almost 4 years, will be doing a play in my home country of Denmark.

This will in many ways be my most challenging role to date, portraying one of history’s  most iconic personalities – Richard III – ooooh by the way… in Shakespearian English.

Furthermore, this will play out over summer in the iconic settings of Hamlets castle of Kronborg. Luckily I will be surrounded by the most talented colleagues and friends, and I promise that we all will do our outmost to pay our respects to this amazing material.

So much to say about this project, and thinking about it scares the shit out of me – but that’s when you know it matters.

Ticket-sales start today…


New management, based in Copenhagen.

I’m happy to announce, that I will be working with TEAMPLAYERS from now on – a boutique management based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

After moving to India and putting my career on standby for a while, I feel its time to get back into business. So I’m happy that Teamplayers are seeing the same spark I’m feeling about getting back to work – so we signed.

TEAMPLAYES will be my housemanagement based in Copenhagen, Denmark, and CEO Sten Hassing Møller will be my personel manager. 

They will join hands with my LA based manager Patrick Corcoran and I‘m looking forward to what this collaboration will bring. Already interesting work is lining up.

For further info please navigate to the header “contact” and hit them up.


Back in Vancouver to see old legends...

So I went back to Vancouver to visit old friends, some might even call them legends.

Just when you think everyone has forgotten about the old immortal Vandal Savage, an email ticks in. It’s my US manager Patrick asking for my avail in late January… “that’s all we know for now” he writes. I answer “yep – I’m game”… “The legends of tomorrow team wants to pin you for an episode” 

In this business nothing is reality until you see your credits roll up the screen at the premiere.  

Well, cut to present day. 

I’m in beautiful Vancouver – The city that stole my heart some years ago when I lived here for almost a year.

Set up in the good old “Sutton hotel” – better know as the “slutton”. This is the place where productions put up all the actors while shooting in van-city. Let’s just say that the bar is frequently visited by interested human beings mainly of the female specimen. 

Well I’m here, and tomorrow il be wearing my old coat, leather harness, all my 21 knives and this time – hair extensions. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for me, well I know, I read the script but Vancouver always surprises. 

Vandal Savage is back in town.

I will keep you posted! 

Back in Vancouver to work on a little project...

This time I'm back in Vancouver for a project I hold dear to my heart.

3 years ago I lived here for a year and I simply fell in love with the place. So there is no hesitation every time I get the chance to come back.

This time around I’m here in beautiful Vancouver to work on a little project that’s very dear to my heart, and while I’m here I might as well enjoy what the city has to offer.

Lots of friends are in town shooting legends of tomorrow or new projects, so there is never a dull moment.

Saturday I will join the cast of LEGENDS OF TOMORROW for their wrap party, and there is no doubt that it will be LEGENDARY! Can’t wait to see them all again.

That’s all for now – can’t wait to show you what comes out of my stay this time.

Vandal out…

To be or not to be - back on stage…

Im exited to give you a heads up that I will be going back on stage this summer in copenhagen. I have not done a play in all most 4 years - and I miss it.

My absance from stage have had nothing to do with lack of interest, but i have been fortunate to work in film and tv the last years. Also practicallyties with family and our move to India have made it difficult to schedule. But this summer I will be back on stage, with my biggest challange to date – just writing it make me shake, and I can’t tell anybody yet. All I can say is that Im proudly humple to get the chance to portray this iconnic character in theatre history…

Much more to come…

No small parts, just BIG drama

This month I will be joining team Avaz on their new film “KOLLISION” that started shooting in late november and will shoot untill primo january.

This is their first “big budget” drama and it will be exiting to see the development after the brothers huge success of last years big surprice “Mens vi lever”. “KOLLISION” is a family drama inspired by “something that happend to a close friend” says the brothers, and let me tell you after reading the script I could not hold the tears back.

I will be starring along side some of Denmarks finest. Nikolej Lie Kaas, Charlotte munk, Cecilie Stenspiel, Nikolas Broe, Sebastian Jessen among others…. I was fortunate to work with the Avez brothers on a comedy-pilot this past summer and was exited to get the phonecall from Medhi (director) saying… “I have a small part for you – I know its not much, but we want you to ba a part of the team”.
Offcause i accepted… I will be playing the character of “Laust”, a co-worker to the leadin roll played by Lie Kaas.