Testimonial - 3

“When we were looking for a challenging role on the TV series LEGENDS OF TOMORROW, Casper was far and away the best choice. I was pleased to get the opportunity to bring him into a series I was casting. He is one of those actors whos commitment to his craft are second to none.”

David Rapaport - Casting director of LEGENDS OG TOMORROW

Testimonial - 2

“There is no doubt that Casper outstanding portrayal of Enzo played a crucial part in the overall quality and success of the film. He owned that role, as he own every role he plays. He has an extraordinary ability to bring life - true life - into the characters he plays.”

Ander Walter - Director of the Oscar-winning short HELIUM

Testimonial - 1

“Throughout the process he was an absolute joy to work with and brought such focus and passion to his craft as an actor. This film and other films he has starred in, including the oscarwinning short HELIUM, are testaments to the vital role he plays in any production”

David Yates - Director of LEGEND OF TARZAN and HARRY POTTER