I believe the most important thing I ever did in my career, was to set the whole thing on standby and spend time with my family.

Our move to India has been an eyeopener in all aspects. There is no doubt, that this has enriched me as an actor, human and colleague.

Over the last many years, danish born actor,¬†Casper Crump has touched his audience with an always surprising approach to the parts he is portraying. In his native country Denmark, he is highly respected both on stage and screen. No matter if it’s the outmost demanding dramatic parts at the theatre or comic stereotypes on the big screen, Crump always tackles his parts with a serious, humble approach, with a deep dramatic comedy, that has given his career a solid momentum the last many years.

In 2014, Crump leaped into the optics of international film and television by bringing home an Oscar win for the live-action short film “HELIUM”. He played the main character “Enzo” and his performance was a testament to his hard work and solid craftsmanship.

His latest work has shown another side of Crump’s talent. Casper played Christoph Waltz sidekick villain in the Warner Bros. blockbuster “Legend of Tarzan”. Tarzan premiered in the summer of 2016.

On the smaller screen Casper has taken on an even bigger role, in portraying the legendary icon D.C. Comic character “Vandal Savage”. Casper’s take, on the immortal villain, has earned Casper widely respect in his way to portray this icon. “Legends of Tomorrow” is on their second season on CW and on Netflix around the world.

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