Armed with a pocket camera I will share a personal peak behind the scenes in the making of RICHARD III.

Time and time again I sit after I end a project and reflect about the process. How it has been, the frustrations, the rewards – and often I end up wishing that I could remember more of what happened. 

When I first signed up to play RICHARD III, I knew that this would be quite a challenge, so I decided to document my journey from the first day to the very end. 

I want this to be as hornets as possible, diary-like documentary without thinking too much about technical cinematic stuff. A rough out of the box – reallife behind the scenes look, into what I go through as and actor on a journey like this…

So armed with my two little friends I try to record the essentials of this process. I will stop recording the very moment I enter the stage on the opening night.

More soon