So I went back to Vancouver to visit old friends, some might even call them legends.

Just when you think everyone has forgotten about the old immortal Vandal Savage, an email ticks in. It’s my US manager Patrick asking for my avail in late January… “that’s all we know for now” he writes. I answer “yep – I’m game”… “The legends of tomorrow team wants to pin you for an episode” 

In this business nothing is reality until you see your credits roll up the screen at the premiere.  

Well, cut to present day. 

I’m in beautiful Vancouver – The city that stole my heart some years ago when I lived here for almost a year.

Set up in the good old “Sutton hotel” – better know as the “slutton”. This is the place where productions put up all the actors while shooting in van-city. Let’s just say that the bar is frequently visited by interested human beings mainly of the female specimen. 

Well I’m here, and tomorrow il be wearing my old coat, leather harness, all my 21 knives and this time – hair extensions. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for me, well I know, I read the script but Vancouver always surprises. 

Vandal Savage is back in town.

I will keep you posted!