This month I will be joining team Avaz on their new film “KOLLISION” that started shooting in late november and will shoot untill primo january.

This is their first “big budget” drama and it will be exiting to see the development after the brothers huge success of last years big surprice “Mens vi lever”. “KOLLISION” is a family drama inspired by “something that happend to a close friend” says the brothers, and let me tell you after reading the script I could not hold the tears back.

I will be starring along side some of Denmarks finest. Nikolej Lie Kaas, Charlotte munk, Cecilie Stenspiel, Nikolas Broe, Sebastian Jessen among others…. I was fortunate to work with the Avez brothers on a comedy-pilot this past summer and was exited to get the phonecall from Medhi (director) saying… “I have a small part for you – I know its not much, but we want you to ba a part of the team”.
Offcause i accepted… I will be playing the character of “Laust”, a co-worker to the leadin roll played by Lie Kaas.