For me acting is a tribute to life

“I see the everyday annecdote as beeing the key of what i do. Collecting people’s everyday stories and experiences and transforming them into my own curiosity of wanting to understand
– is key in my craft as an actor.”

“I have been fortunate to work on the smallest non-bugdget productions as well as the massive blockbusters - basically the only differences is the catering”

Casper Crump

It's the most unexpected thing's that make's you grow in this so called business.

It wasen’t untill I quit listening to other peoples suggestions of what the next smart move would be, that things started to happen. My criteria is that if I can contribute to great material involving great colleagues I will do it, no matter the scope of the project.


Oscar-winning short feature “Helium” was the first film I booked without any casting process. Co-producer Tivi Magnuson called me and said. I have followed your work both on stage and screen and I have a part that is right for you. One year later we won an accadamy award for best shortfilm.


THE LEGEND OF TARZAN was my first Big screen blockbuster and a massive experience. My role as the main villains right hand – started as a three line appearance – but ended up being a more important part of the univers. Working along side the talented Christoph Waltz was some of the best lessons I didint know i needed.

Sex, Violence, Blood, Gore

I was not the first pick for this part. A colleague had to jump from contract and pointed to me to take over. I did. This theatre production turned out to be an important step out of the many prettyboy parts i had cast as earlyer. Partraying characters spanding from young kids, to English colonial women, to Singaporian transvestites and pornstars.


DC’s LEGENDS OF TOMORROW is my biggest international TV appearance to date. Portraying the iconic imortal villian “Vandal Savage” for the whole 1st. season. It was my big meeting with the international televeion industry and eyeopener to a whole new univers of devoted comicfans. These fans was by far the key foundation of my success in the show.




The Ducati section was always what got our attention, at the time it was the Ducati 916 that became the dream bike (still is in some nostalgic way).

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TEAMPLAYES will be my housemanagement, based in Copenhagen, Denmark, and CEO Sten Hassing Møller will be my personel manager.

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Back in Vancouver to work on a little project…

This time around I’m here in beautiful Vancouver to work on a little project that's dear to my heart, and while I’m here I might as well enjoy what the city…

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Rœvejagt på Sydsjælland i perfekt selvskab.

Hunting is for me like hanging with your old best friend. It always makes me promise myself to do it much more... (Article in Danish)

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I urge you to watch Donnie Vincent’s “The Other Side”

I have been waiting for this for while. Its here and its amazing. Bowhunter Donnie Vincent keeps inspiring me.

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